Simulation-based learning has been around for a long time, but has only gained traction in the workforce development industry recently. It is fast becoming a preferred approach to the design and implementation of employee training, especially for businesses that are coping with changing market conditions and labour requirements; below are the reasons why.

Benefits of Simulation-based Training

1.    Hands-on Learning

As industries like mining and oil & gas continue to grow, the strain for skilled technicians increases. Furthermore, the skillset required for this industry is incredibly niche, hands-on, and can sometimes take hours of precious time to master. Using specifically designed simulated environments provides the hands-on learning needed within real-life working situations.


2.    Higher Retention Rates & Reduced Mistakes

Through controlled simulations, immersive environments allow trainers to give immediate and applicable feedback to students ensuring higher retention rates and reduced mistakes. As a result, the students become aware of the consequences of their decisions. This exposure furthers their job-related experience and helps them gain confidence in performing specific tasks.


3.    Critical Thinking

Immersive training environments enable trainees to constantly employ their critical thinking skills. This, consequently, help learners remember knowledge-in-action, communicate effectively, and execute decision-making.

How Site Skills Training Can Help

At Site Skills Training, we deliver opportunities for workers to further develop or improve their skills through our immersive training environments. These enable workforces to train in safe, scaled-down, simulated working environments without disrupting company operations.

Immersive Underground Mine

Site Skills Training partnered with OceanaGold to build a 10,000sqm Immersive Underground Mine Training Environment featuring a 250m underground hard-rock tunnel. Fitted with the most advanced simulation capacities, it replicates conditions experienced in real mining environments, allowing training to be more realistic and hands-on.

It also enables us to provide an end-to-end training and competency assessment solution tailored to suit a wide range of company requirements and industry standards.

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Safe Live Process Plants

Our Safe Live Process Plants are pressurised training environments that simulate gas and liquid separation, using safe mediums like water and air. Training programs associated with these environments cover coaching and formative assessment of trainees with emphasis on competency-based skills development, workplace environment knowledge, team work and coordination, and safe, reliable operations.


Site Skills Training utilises cutting-edge solutions to train workforces. We have developed a number of fully immersive environments which enable us to equip our students with the skills and procedures that may be dangerous and costly to perform in worksites.

If you want to learn more about our immersive training environments, please contact us.