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Course Code RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction

This program provides the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake a prescribed range of tasks within the civil construction industry. Training focuses on the safety requirements of the industry, and the associated requirements of licensing and regulatory authorities.

Candidates must accomplish a total of 16 units to obtain this qualification: 10 core units and 6 electives, of which at least 5 are chosen from the electives listed below, and 1 from elsewhere within this training package, or from another endorsed training package, or from an accredited course.

Who Will Benefit This qualification is recommended to personnel who are required to work in an operational role within the civil construction industry.

The duration of training is customisable and dependent on client requirements.

Core Units
  • RIIBEF201D Plan and organise work
  • RIICCM201D Carry out measurements and calculations
  • RIICCM202D Identify, locate and protect underground services
  • RIICCM203D Read and interpret plans and job specifications
  • RIICCM205E Carry out manual excavation
  • RIICCM207D Spread and compact materials manually
  • RIICOM201D Communicate in the workplace
  • RIISAM203D Use hand and power tools
  • RIISAM204D Operate small plant and equipment
  • RIIWHS201D Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
Elective Units
  • BSBDIV301 Work effectively with diversity
  • CPCCCM2007B Use explosive power tools
  • CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging
  • CPCCLRG3001A Licence to perform rigging basic level
  • CPCCLSF2001A Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level
  • FPICOT2239A Trim and cross cut felled trees
  • FPIFGM3212 Fall trees manually – intermediate
  • RIICBS202D Hand spread asphalt
  • RIICCM206D Support plant operations
  • RIICCM208D Carry out basic levelling
  • RIICCM209D Carry out concrete work
  • RIICCM210D Install trench support
  • RIICCM211D Erect and dismantle temporary fencing and gates
  • RIICFW306D Direct pile driving operations
  • RIICFW307D Direct cast in-situ piling operations
  • RIICRC201D Repair potholes
  • RIICRC208D Lay pipes
  • RIIHAN211D Conduct basic scaffolding operations
  • RIIHAN301D Operate elevating work platform
  • RIIRIS202D Respond to site based spills
  • RIISAM201D Handle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of nontoxic materials
  • RIISAM205D Cut, weld and bend materials
  • RIIWHS202D Enter and work in confined spaces
  • RIIWHS205D Control traffic with stop-slow bat
  • RIIWMG203D Drain and dewater civil construction site
  • TLILIC2005A Licence to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more)

Electives units may vary based on the requirements from clients.

Training Method Training is a combination of theory familiarisation and practical applications.
Course Delivery Training for RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction is offered at our Clark campus in the Philippines. We also deliver the course on site upon arrangement or provided that there are suitable infrastructure and equipment for training.
Completion Award

Upon successful completion participants will receive the nationally recognised qualification RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction.

Number of Students The allowable number of students for this course depends on client requirements.