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Typically a continuation of the relative response team and delivering bad news training, this course is designed to expose candidates to highly emotional and stressful situations whilst supporting families following the news of death, serious injury, kidnapping or other similar situations.

Who Will Benefit This course is suitable for personnel who may be required to carry out the role of a company representative during or after a crisis.

This course is only suitably recommended for personnel who have been given the authority to represent the company in case of major emergency.


1 day

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of the family liaison team members
  • Understand the issues of working with family members in stressful situations
  • Exercise the family liaison role through interactive scenario based exercises
Training Method Training is a combination of theory familiarisation and practical applications.
Course Delivery Family and liaison support training is offered at our Clark campus in the Philippines. We also deliver the course on site upon arrangement or provided that there are suitable infrastructure and equipment for training.
Completion Award

Upon successful completion of this course, a Statement of Completion will be issued.

Number of Students Minimum of 8 and Maximum of 12