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This introductory course provides candidates an understanding of high pressure gas transmission pipelines. Training is generally site-based and covers an overview of inlet stations, scraper stations, compressor stations and meter stations, including basic information on hydrocarbon properties, pipeline components, gas analysis, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and control systems, process and instrumentation diagrams, corrosion control, pigging, gas filtration, compression and rotating equipment, field communications and journey planning.

Who Will Benefit This course is intended for all personnel working on gas transmission pipelines and facilities.

3 days

Learning Outcomes
  • Describe the construction of a high pressure gas transmission pipeline
  • Describe the functions of typical components on gas pipeline facilities
  • Describe the properties of hydrocarbons and basics of hydrocarbons processing
  • Explain the principles of operation of typical pipeline instruments, monitoring and control systems, including SCADA
  • Explain the principles of operation of gas analysis systems including moisture analysers, gas chromatographs, densitometers, calorimeters
  • Explain the principles of pipeline pigging
  • Explain the principles of pipeline gas compression
  • Explain the principles of corrosion control
  • Interpret process and instrumentation diagrams for a pipeline facility
  • Demonstrate use of pipeline communications equipment (optional)
  • Demonstrate preparing a journey plan and pre-start preparation for a trip (optional)
Training Method Training is a combination of theory familiarisation and practical applications.
Course Delivery The introductory course to Gas Transmission Pipeline Operations is offered at our Clark campus in the Philippines. We also deliver training services on site upon arrangement or provided that there are suitable infrastructure and equipment for training.
Completion Award

Upon successful completion of this course, a Statement of Completion will be issued.

Number of Students Maximum of 8