Why Papua New Guinea

Boasting rich resources for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export, Papua New Guinea is a country of immense potential. It is currently increasing its capacity to sustain economic growth by sourcing well-trained labourers, and building facilities dedicated to oil and gas fields and processing plants.

Site Skills Training International regards this development as a unique opportunity to provide training solutions toward workforce nationalisation. Through our training and assessment programs, we create long-term, sustainable employment opportunities for the nationals, enhance industry standards and qualifications, and provide a catalyst to further gas-based industry development.

Workforce Nationalisation

Site Skills Training International partners with public and private sectors in the region to provide training programs focusing on nationalising workforces for the oil and gas industry. Our Australian accredited training and assessment programs include all levels of industry learning, but with particular focus on higher-end job opportunities. To support these programs, our facility is fitted with an Immersive Safe Live Process Plant Environment, as well as Health, Safety, and Environment, and High Risk training equipment.

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