Project Information

Project Commencement November 2013
Duration 6 months
Project Status Completed
Client Location Enga Province, Papua New Guinea

Heavy Diesel Maintenance, Construction and Fabrication, and Camp Services and Cookery

Project Size 120 candidates from Enga Province, Papua New Guinea


  • Ipatas Foundation, Inc.
  • Orion Group

Project Details

The Ipatas Foundation, Inc. and Orion Project Services partnered with Site to develop and provide essential training for 120 Papua New Guinea nationals from the Enga Province in areas of heavy diesel maintenance, construction and fabrication, camp services, and cookery.

The program will target areas of skills shortage in PNG with a goal of training locals to reduce the national dependence on imported labour.

Large industries, such as mining and oil and gas, operate in the Enga Province. However, employers are opting to import labour from other parts of Papua New Guinea and internationally because most of the locals are untrained labourers or have never been formally employed.
There is no appropriate training facility in Papua New Guinea to train locals to be job-ready for such industries.
Site provided training in heavy diesel maintenance, construction and fabrication, camp services and cookery through its Philippine facility. There was a significant focus on the candidates’ soft skills and modelling of work requirements to ensure they are work-ready and are prepared for full-time employment.
Orion Project Services, a contract labour firm, secured on-the-job training opportunities while the Ipatas Foundation, Inc. funded the training through a student loan scheme.
120 Papua New Guineans were selected to undergo training—88 of them were males, and 32 were females. A significant number of women were trained in non-traditional areas such as welding and fabrication.
There was excellent feedback from employers during their on-the-job training.
Graduates are now earning an average of US$200 per week.