Project Information

Project Commencement September 13, 2012
Duration 3 years
Project Status Completed
Client Location West Philippine Sea

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), and IMIST assessment

Project Size Over 7,000 SPEX employees and 13,000 training programs


  • Shell Philippines Exploration

Project Details

Committing to ‘Goal Zero’, or no harm to people and the environment, in the fabrication yard and offshore executions of MP3 Depletion Compression Platform, Shell Philippines Exploration partnered with Site Skills Training in building the Malampaya HSSE training centre and delivering relevant Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) training to over 7,000 SPEX employees.

The training aims to enhance employment opportunities and improve safety standards in the local oil and gas industry.

Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) employed a large pool of skilled workers for the Malampaya project, a huge oil and gas venture located in the Philippines. However, it was hampered by numerous accidents and near misses due to the differences in safety level awareness between contractors.
Site Skills Training worked with SPEX to benchmark safety practices across Shell operations. Site Skills Training audited safety practices onsite based on Shell’s ‘12 Life Saving Rules,’ and recommended interventions to achieve compliance.
Site Skills Training constructed the purpose-built Malampaya HSSE training facility where SPEX employees attended three to five-day HSSE training exercises tailored to their organisation’s ‘12 Life Saving Rules.’
Site Skills Training has delivered 13,000 training programs for over 7,000 SPEX employees.
Accident rate and near misses have decreased, and reporting of hazards has risen.
Consecutive safety audits have shown that HSSE levels are consistent with other Shell operations.