Soft Skills Training Solutions

Soft Skills training is an integral part of creating globally competitive skilled workforces. Team members must possess the ability to listen, communicate ideas, and solve problems to contribute to the success of your organisation.

At Site Skills Training International, we offer blended training programs that integrate technical skills with soft skills, including proficiency and dexterity in English communications, comprehension, numerical, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork. We also boast computer facilities where we equip our trainees with necessary computer skills to remain competitive amidst fast-paced technological advancements.

Certification for Mentors and Assessors

Site Skills Training can also help lead your business to operational excellence.

Aimed at developing highly competent mentors, coaches, trainers and assessors, these training programs equip individuals with the skills to deliver training through a range of modalities. Our certification programs also advise trainees on how to deliver the most appropriate training method to develop competency, skills and knowledge in any particular field.

Training Locations

Certification of mentors and assessors are offered in our facilities in the Philippines.

Our soft skills training programs are offered as integrated units in our various technical programs, but can also be individually customised and delivered on site to suit your business needs.

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