Site WorkReady's Source-Train-Deploy Solution

Site WorkReady is a subsidiary of Site Group International Limited that specialises in providing labour hire, direct placement and train-to-task solutions to clients who have specific large pool employment requirements. We utilise an extensive candidate pool which is internally built for sourcing, skilling and deployment on a project by project basis or when an employer has a specific gap to fill.

Direct Placement

Our team comprises of industry focused recruitment experts who have extensive experience delivering on direct placement assignments, and who have a deep understanding of the international related industries. We manage the complete process from pre-screening to initial delivery.

Prior to deployment, we work closely with clients to prepare workers, to organise travel and pre-departure seminars, and to deliver any required induction and safety training.

Labour Hire

Labour Hire at Site WorkReady means we quickly and efficiently supply the right people for the job. This approach allows us to cover a wide variety of requirements within the industry, supporting the life cycle of projects from start to completion.

Some of the most important services we provide are administering payroll requirements on behalf of our clients. Our payroll specialists ensure local knowledge, compliant procedures, and efficient and accurate processing. We can diligently manage your employees’ and specialists’ payroll administration globally, even in locations where you don’t maintain an office.

Verification of Competency

Site WorkReady’s workforce solutions comprise of assessing and identifying skill or capacity gaps within industries. We ensure your workforce is aligned to your project and business requirements. Early identification of workforce shortfalls allows our clients to take remedial action, either via training and up-skilling, or domestic and international recruitment.

Workforce Deployment

Site WorkReady has experience supplying volumes of labour globally. This includes a range of trades such as electricians, boilermakers, welders, fitters, safety supervisors, and computer technicians. Currently, we have access to a large pool of high calibre workers from the Philippines who can assist you in operating excavators, trucks, dozers, graders, and drillers.

Ease of Process

Site WorkReady’s team consists of experienced international recruitment and trades personnel. Our extensive experience in executing international recruitment programs ensures the sourcing, selection, processing, and deployment process of your workforce is smooth and trouble-free. Contact us today to learn more about our wide-range workforce deployment solutions.