Training Solutions toward Workforce Nationalisation

Site Skills Training delivers internationally recognised training, assessment and competency assurance programs to the mining, energy, construction, and hospitality industries. Our courses are tailored to assist public and private organisations in the development of their local workforce; from career entry new hires to seasoned employees.

Training Locations

We have facilities in Australia, Philippines, and Papua New Guinea to accommodate the local workforce in these regions, as well as thousands of trainees from all over the world. These facilities are equipped with the most advanced, immersive training tools and environments, and are managed by teams with extensive experience in vocational and educational training, and specific industries.

Our industry experts are also capable of delivering training programs on site, globally.

Benefits of National Workforce Development

National workforce development is key to global competitiveness. It supports industries in empowering national human resources, and creating sustainable, long-term contributions to the growth of economies, and the development of organisations.

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Site Skills Training works diligently with communities and industries to provide talent development programs to support local workforces. For more information regarding our training and competency solutions, contact us today!

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