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This course provides candidates the knowledge and practical skills which will allow them to safely and competently perform immediate and effective rescue from heights.

Who Will Benefit This course is designed for all personnel working at heights, and to members of emergency response teams who may be required to rescue a person from suspended or elevated environment.

2 days

Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate risk assessment management
  • Develop rescue plans and documentation
  • Perform basic rescue techniques
  • Select most suitable rescue methods
  • Anchor selection and considerations
  • Perform casualty care and airway management
  • Perform procedure for treatment of suspension trauma
  • Knowledge in practical application of rescue skills
Training Method Training is a combination of theory familiarisation and practical applications.
Course Delivery Basic height rescue training and assessment is conducted at our Clark campus in the Philippines. We also deliver training on site upon arrangement or provided that there are suitable infrastructure and equipment.
Completion Award

Upon successful completion of this course, a Statement of Completion will be issued.

Number of Students Maximum of 10