Energy Training

Site is is recognised as an OPITO-IMIST Invigilation Centre. Our training programs are backed by international standards and unrivalled expertise.

Nationalising the Oil and Gas Industry

Site  helps organisations in the oil and gas industry develop the strategic value of their national workforce. Through our best practice training and competency services, we create opportunities for local labourers to advance into higher-end employments available in the industry.

Our training programs are tailored to the needs of the trainees, whether for new entry or upskilling. We ensure that we meet industry standards in equipping trainees with an understanding of safe and effective oil and gas operations.

Nationalising the Petrochemical Industry

Site Skills Training establishes partnerships with the private and public sector to make internationally recognised training and competency management services more accessible to local workforces in the petrochemical industry. These tailored training programs are available for both new entrants and seasoned workers, creating a larger and more sustainable labour pool for the industry.

To deliver highly effective training solutions, we have created Safe Live Process Plants. These environments simulate real-life process plant operations and maintenance, allowing trainees to gain active, on-the-job experiences without any disruption to your operations.

Training Locations

Training and assessment programs specific to the oil and gas industry are available in our facilities in Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. We also deliver on-site training solutions tailored to your business or industry specifications.

Talk to Us

As workforce nationalisation becomes a key platform in expanding oil and gas operations, companies need to take the necessary steps in developing their people. Contact Site today to know more about our training capabilities in the energy sector.