Underground Mine Training Solutions

At Site, we offer a range of courses that equips trainees with the necessary skills to work safely and productively in a mine site.

We also offer the Underground Metalliferous Mine Work Readiness Course, a 3-month training program focused on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), work foundation skills, work readiness, and heavy equipment operations.

Training is designed around theory and practical exercises conducted in our Immersive Underground Mine Environment. It can be customised to your organisational procedures, resulting in familiarisation and higher levels of competency retention.

Immersive Underground Mine Environment

Built in partnership with OceanaGold, the 10,000sqm Immersive Underground Mine features 250m of underground hard-rock tunnel.

Equipped with the most advanced simulation capacities, it replicates conditions experienced in real mining environments─allowing training to be more realistic and hands-on. It is fitted with a safety refuge chamber from MineArc for safety and emergency escape simulations. It features explosives magazines from Orica, which are mainly used for charging and explosive awareness training.

It is also fitted with Indodrill and Monark Caterpillar heavy equipment and vehicles such as:

  • Underground Loader
  • Underground Trucks
  • Jumbo and Drills

  • Underground Man Transporter
  • Telescopic Handler


The immersive facility also features offtake drives, fuel refill locations, and crib rooms.

Benefits of Immersive Training

The Immersive Underground Metalliferous Mine Training Environment, a first of its kind in Asia, is designed to train candidates in a realistic but safe, and controlled environment. It enables organisations to develop their workforce without disrupting operations.

Training Locations

Our Immersive Underground Metalliferous Mine Training Environment is based in our flagship facility in Clark, Philippines. Initially built to help companies meet corporate social responsibility commitments, the immersive environment is now also available to all organisations looking to skill project personnel in a wide range of operator training and mine safety courses.

We also deliver standard mine training programs, assessments and Verification of Competencies (VOCs) in our facilities in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

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