National workforce development is key to global competitiveness. It enhances the skills of those already in the workforce as well as provide tangible and relevant skills to local labourers looking for employment. Subsequently, it supports industries in empowering national human resources and in creating sustainable, long-term contributions to the development of organisations, and growth of economies.

Consistency in Employee Knowledge & Growth

It is unrealistic to assume that every employee in the same role has the exact same skillset and operates the same way. However, with the correct training, your employees can have consistency of knowledge, increased performance, productivity and morale.


Through workforce development, businesses strive to close the skill gap and eliminate any costly discrepancies. It allows employees to gain tangible skills and knowledge to move into more advanced roles, and to remain competitive and successful in the business. Ultimately, through workforce development, businesses and industries can ensure that local workforces have the skills and knowledge to support current and future projects.

Business Strategic Operations

In a fiercely competitive market, developing your local workforce is fundamental in progressing your business. Providing training courses and programs to your workers aligns the strengths of your company with that of your employees, creating a sustainable and successful model of operation.


Training also fosters your employees’ growth, which increases job satisfaction and morale among employees and reduces costly employee turnover. These help maintain a competitive edge that should underpin the entirety of your company’s strategies, policies, and systems.

Highly Competitive Industries & Innovation

High competitiveness between businesses fosters innovation—and adaptability is the key. As the industry changes, businesses need to grow and change by training their employees. With the right training, employees can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with new technologies and methods, resulting to innovation in business strategies and products.


We know that industries can be fast-paced. That’s why, at Site Skills Training, we continually update our workforce development programs to bring the newest courses and information possible to national industries.

We assist organisations across the energyminingconstructionhospitality, and government and public services in developing local workforces. We have created partnerships with global reach, working specifically with Papua New Guinea, the Middle East, Philippines, and Australia. We also boast extensive capabilities to customise training programs and provide competency assurance. Our Immersive Environments offer an innovative learning solution to improve your workforce, allowing them to train in safe and controlled environments.

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