Benefits of outcomes-based training for oil and gas industry


The oil and gas sector is a multibillion-dollar business. It is one of the biggest earners globally. Just last year, it led the 2019 Forbes list of industries posting profit growth. To sustain momentum, top O&G companies are actively investing in its workforce among others. One emerging approach in competency assurance is outcomes-based training. Here are some reasons why it is highly favoured:

It Heightens the Importance of Safety

While job rewards are vast in the oil and gas industry, so are the risks. That is why safety is and must be at the core of any oil and gas company.

With outcomes-based training, safety becomes a tangible concept achievable in practical steps. How so?

Outcomes-based training defines specific learning goals and works on having the trainees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the desired results.

For example, an O&G specialist needs to monitor boiler components safely. To do this, the specialist will likely be working in enclosed or elevated areas of the plant. On that account, training must focus on building the specialist’s competencies in that area. This would include undergoing courses in Work Safely at Heights and Enter and Work in Confined Spaces, along with risk analysis prior to commencing the jobs.


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It Promotes Skills Mastery

The skillset required by the onshore and offshore industry is highly specialised. It can take time to reach proficiency before one can confidently work at an actual site.

Combined with the use of immersive learning environments, outcomes-based training allows immediate feedback to trainees, thereby accelerating their learning mastery. Moreover, by training in a safe and live environment outside of production area, trainees can reach 70-80% level of competency; the remaining competencies can only be achieved by on-the-job training.

Outcomes-based training also allows trainers to simultaneous track the trainees’ progress and adjust training implementation in alignment with the learning objectives.

It Supports Operations Efficiency and Savings

As they say, “Time is gold.” This couldn’t be any truer in training. The faster a new entrant assimilates to work operations; the better for any organisation.

Establishing clear training objectives and outcomes from the get-go reduces the skills gap and hiring mismatches—both of which entail unwarranted costs and downtime that affect overall business profitability.

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