Project Information

Project Commencement December 2014
Duration 9 months
Project Status Completed
Client Location Site Clark, Philippines

Underground Metalliferous Mine Work Readiness Course

Project Size 10,000sqm immersive facility which is valued at USD1 million


  • OceanaGold
  • MyneSight
  • Monark
  • MineArc
  • Indodrill
  • Orica
  • Immersive Technologies

Project Details

In partnership with OceanaGold and with the support of industry leaders such as MyneSight, Monark, MineArc, Indodrill, Orica, and Immersive Technologies, Site Skills Training developed the first immersive underground mine training environment in Asia.

Over 10,000sqm in size, with an underground tunnel environment that is over 240m long, the facility is a purpose-built training complex designed to simulate underground mining conditions. It has been completed with offtake drives, fuel refill locations, safety refuge chambers, crib rooms, explosives magazines and a range of fixed and mobile equipment.

The facility augments Site’s capability to provide a wide range of programs to the mining industry. It is open to all companies looking to skill project personnel for a wide range of operator training and safety courses.

With the objective of aligning safety and productivity standards, there is a growing need in the mining industry to develop and upskill workforces. However, training typically requires a working mine to stop production, causing a decrease in productivity and revenue.
Mining companies are seeking ways to strengthen their community service commitment, especially in recruiting and developing local workers, and building labour assets that benefit the community.
Site Group International Limited and OceanaGold committed to undertake construction of an underground mine training centre at the Site Clark Campus, Philippines.
The project was also supported by Monark Caterpillar, Mynesight, Orica, Indodrill, Immersive Technologies and Minearc.
A 10,000sqm immersive underground mine training environment, with 250 metres of metalliferous tunnelling was built. The first of its kind in Asia, the facility will provide practical training tasks to all companies looking to skill project personnel for a wide range of underground mine operator training and safety courses, without shutting down working mine sites.
The environment represents a significant community service commitment suitable for the development of safe, competent work practices, and is open for training for all mining companies, contractors and industry participants globally.
OceanaGold personnel and new recruits have commenced training in the immersive underground mine facility to prepare them for the Didipio mine project.