Working in the oil and gas industry entails risks that could be inevitable without the appropriate training. Hence, for businesses to stay on top of the legislation, safety training is required. Here’s how you need to work safety training into your business strategy.


Make Training Part of your Safety Plan

First, determine the role of training in implementing your safety plan. Training is an essential component of any company’s safety plan, but it is especially important in a high risk industry. According to the 2016 Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Summary from the Bureau of Statistics, there is an unprecedented fatality rate in the oil and gas industry. This tackles the reinforcement and inclusion of training in developing safety plans for this kind of operations.


Next, create a list of training topics that need to be covered. Focusing on safety, reviewing injury or fatality reports, and observing employee practices can help you determine the specific training that needs to be undertaken.

Finally, devise metrics to ensure that the chosen training programs align with your organisation’s safety objectives and goals. Ensure that by incorporating the right training to your safety plan, transfer and retention of knowledge is constant. This creates a culture of safety that essentially contributes to the efficiency of the whole workforce and growth of the company.

Give the Right People the Right Oil and Gas Training

The oil and gas sector requires skills and safety know-how that cannot necessarily be taught ‘on the job’. Mistakes can result in lethal consequences: injuries or exposure to harsh substances. While it is imperative that your entire staff has an appropriate understanding of potential hazards and how to safely utilise on-site equipment, training should still be required for anyone closely involved in the exploration, extraction, refining, and transporting of oil and gas.

Breathing Apparatus Training

Below are several oil and gas training that may be required for various job specifications within your business:

Site Skills Training for the Oil and Gas Industry

Recognising the growth within the industry, Site Skills Training provides a range of training solutions for the oil and gas sector. We also engineer and fabricate Safe Live Process Plants, which are immersive training environments designed to support simulated training while minimising operational downtime for clients.


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